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Beth Humphreys Nude Again! (And Retired)

beth humpries vip 09 copy Beth Humphreys Nude Again! (And Retired)

Beth Humphreys

I have an agreement with one follower of the blog, a Mr. Wallace Wesley Cranking, to share any Beth Humphreys pictures I may come across.

Well, Mr. Wesley…today’s your lucky day because you’re about to see Beth Humphreys nude…again.

New Beth Humphreys nude pictures below:  


Some of you loyal pawns may recognize these pictures from the last Beth Humphreys post in July.

Well, I have some terrible news. It may be your lucky day seeing Beth Humphreys nude and all, but this comes with a price. The reason you’ve seen this photos before is because these are the last nude photos of Beth Humphreys we’ll be seeing for quite some time.

I got a direct message from the beautiful Beth Humphreys where she had this to say:

Screen Shot 2013 08 19 at 10.38.33 AM Beth Humphreys Nude Again! (And Retired)

Screen Shot 2013 08 19 at 10.45.09 AM Beth Humphreys Nude Again! (And Retired)

Can you imagine my excitement when I saw that Beth Humphreys had sent me a direct message? Only to have that excitement ripped away when she said she had now left glamour modelling.


We like to talk about who has the best boobs a lot here on the Blog but let’s be honest, Beth has the best boobs.

I really hope things work out for Ms Humphreys. If I don’t see her in commercials or editorials, I will have lost all faith in casting directors.

And if for some reason the mainstream route doesn’t work out for Ms Beth, she knows that she can always come back to the Blog where she will be welcomed back with arms wide open.

Once again, nothing gold can stay. At least we were lucky enough to see Beth Humphreys nude in the first place.

All the best, Beth!

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